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Rupert Grint 22nd Birthday Charity For RNLI!

“£22.00 for Rupert’s 22nd Birthday 4 RNLI!”

Every year, the fans of Rupert Grint come together to celebrate the birthday of our favorite actor. In previous years, our fandom community has contributed collectively to various gift projects, from cookbooks to scrapbooks, and this year will be no different.

As you are all aware, Rupert Grint and his Harry Potter co-star Oliver Phelps have recently completed their participation in the Barmy to Barcelona Wacky Rally as “The Salty Sea Dogs” to support the Royal National Life Boat Institution, which is an  organization dedicated to helping to save lives at sea. Therefore, in addition to our annual birthday project, we thought this would be a great opportunity to merge our fandom’s celebration of Rupert’s 22nd birthday with helping “The Salty Sea Dogs” to raise additional funds for their cause.

Volunteers with the RNLI risk their lives to save people during search and rescue missions 24/7, and it doesn’t come easy. They depend on fundraising, and public generosity to be able to purchase rescue equipment, and to train volunteers!

Here’s an excerpt from their web-site:

“Our total running costs were £147.7M in 2009. For every £1 spent by the RNLI in 2009, 84p was on operations and 16p was on generating voluntary income. Our lifesavers need and deserve the right equipment and craft to carry out rescues.”

And here’s what Rupert had to say about his involvement with the Rally and raising money for the RNLI:

“We expect to “coast” to Barcelona, ha ha,” joked Rupert Grint. “This is a brilliant way to see some great bits of Europe and even better that we can do it for a great cause. We’ve even got company in the form of a seagull perched on the boot of the car; we’re hoping it won’t need rescuing when the rally starts for real! The RNLI does a fantastic job but it’s only possible because of people’s donations.”

Beginning today, July 24th, starting at 1 pm EST, the first 22 fans to make a donation of at least £ 22.00 to the RNLI via “The Salty Sea Dogs” donation page will receive a personalized gift from Rupert Grint himself as a thank you for your generous donation! (** see “How to Enter” for details)

And, ….. there’s more! If you were not one of the lucky first 22 people to make a donation, don’t worry, because every birthday boy has to get their “Birthday Licks!” And you can give Rupert his, cause each £1 over the initial £22 you donate will count as a birthday, or in our case, “Ice Cream Lick.” At the end of our campaign, which will end on August 24th, the person who gives Rupert the most “Ice Cream Licks” (any £1 over  the initial £22), will be eligible for Top Donor and will receive a picture of the “Salty Sea Dogs” in their water rescue gear autographed by Rupert, AND his Harry Potter co-stars,  James and Oliver Phelps!

If you are unable to donate £ 22, that’s alright, because every donation, no matter the amount helps. All of our readers who participate will receive recognition for their contribution, and a cyber-hug from us, which is BETTER than any autograph!

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the donation button, and make it happen!

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