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Does it matter what currency I use when making a donation?

No, because the donation site is set up in British pounds (GBP) . When you go to the donation page you will have donation options from £100 to  £10. You may choose one of the options given or enter your own.

Remember,  to receive a personalized gift your amount must be £22 or higher!

I don’t have a credit card. Can I still make a donation?

Yes, however this may make you ineligible for the first 22 donations or the Top Donor opportunities, because there is no way for us to track mail in donations.

Send a cheque quoting ‘Weasley Wacky Rally’ to:
RNLI, 124 – 126 Webber Street, London SE1 0QL

What happens if there is a tie between top donors?

The Top Donor will be determined by entries submitted to staff@rupert-grint.us by 11pm est. If there is more than one person who qualifies for Top Donor, then the winner will be determined by the person who entered first.

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