Ice Cream Licks Donor Score Board

Rupert became the one to beat on Top Gear. Do you have what it takes to be Top Donor?

In some cultures, the special birthday person might receive “Birthday Licks!” And while no one wants to get birthday licks, in a theme befitting our site, we want you to give Rupert as many “Ice Cream Licks” as possible so you can become, “Top Donor!”

It’s simple,  any person who donates over £22 will earn 1 “Ice Cream Lick” for each unit over the initial £22. Ex. A person who donates £30 will have donated £22 and 8 “Ice Cream Licks.”

From July 24th to August 24th,  we will be holding our own “Wacky Rally” of sorts, by maintaining a leaderboard of all donors who choose to enter.

To enter, just email us at with the following information after you have made your donation to the donor page.

– Subject: Ice Cream Licks
– Comment left on the donation page (so we can verify your donation)
– Amount
–  A  username to be listed on the leader board ( any silly made up name, or forum username if you prefer. ex. RupertFan88)

At the end of the campaign, which is August 24th , the person with the most “Ice Cream Licks” will be considered top donor.

Be like Rupert! Your donation, is your car. Get to the top of the leader board!

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